Want same day teeth? What to expect

Person getting dental implants surgery

The unique procedure allowing patients to obtain a whole new set of teeth that permanently stay in the mouth, eliminating those embarrassing situations that may occur or uncomfortable dentures slipping and rubbing, is fast becoming a popular option for those who are suitable.

And most patients are finding that they can indeed have this procedure, as there are many different treatments that give patients, who otherwise do not have the strength in their jaw required for the implantation to take hold and succeed, another chance.

High Dental Implants in Melbourne can offer an implant consultation so that patients can garner an understanding of what they might expect should they have some form of treatment. They can give options to those who have lost all of their teeth and have worn dentures for many years. Patients can be provided with numerous scans in order to identify how many stages their treatment plan will entail, and treatments can be applied to those who have only lost one or several teeth.

By looking at the advantages and disadvantages of dental implants, patients can make an informed decision about whether this treatment is right for them.

What can be expected from an initial consultation?

The initial meeting with a dentist gives the patient the chance to raise any questions and concerns that they might have about the procedure, to gain the relevant information that they need in order to make a justified decision about whether or not they want to continue on with the treatment.

Patients may not have heard about this procedure before being suggested they have this treatment by their dentist, so it is important that they find out as much as possible to know what lifelong implications it may have.

During the first procedure, a full medical history and thorough examination of both outside the mouth and inside the mouth will be performed. This is to ensure full information on the health of the patient, to look at the condition of the jaw as well as the gums.

Scans and x-rays will probably be conducted as this is the most efficient way of determining the health of a person’s jaw and to see what relevant stages of treatment need to be conducted in order for the entire treatment to be a success and to go as smoothly as possible.

Digital scans also allow for dentists to accurately plot the location of the tooth implants so that there is the greatest likelihood of success and for them to be as comfortable as possible. Research is constantly allowing for dentists to continue to improve their services for their patients.

As the technology has improved over the years, it has become a very popular option for those looking for an easy and comfortable option in replacing their ill-fitting dentures or completing an entire set of teeth so that they can chew and speak comfortably.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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