Are your missing teeth leaving you unsatisfied when you look in the mirror?

Man looking sad and unconfident

Teeth can fall out for all sorts of different reasons, ranging from generic accidents to tooth decay. Many people feel that if just one tooth has fallen out they can ignore it, especially if it is not visible when they smile, but in reality losing teeth can be incredibly traumatic, regardless of the amount of teeth that you have lost. Looking in the mirror and seeing a gap in your smile could leave you feeling insecure about your appearance and reluctant to smile in front of anyone else. Some people will refrain from speaking whenever possible, especially if they are missing all of their teeth or several in the front. Tooth loss can impact your overall general health and your ability to bite and chew confidently, and in some cases it may become difficult to pronounce words properly. However, there is a solution to restore your smile to its former glory, no matter whether it’s one tooth you need replacing or all of them. Getting dental implants Richmond will transform your smile into a full, even one, stimulating your jawbone even after tooth loss to ensure that your face maintains its bone structure as you age.

A secure, permanent way to replace your teeth

Unlike other tooth replacement options, this treatment permanently fixes your new teeth into your mouth, so they will not fall out or come loose, no matter how chewy a food you consume. Your new teeth will be attached to titanium screws that have previously been inserted into your jawbone. These screws are capable of supporting more than one tooth each, so you will not need to have one for every tooth that you are replacing. A full set of dentures can be fitted into your mouth using as little as four screws in some circumstances, but it can also require up to twelve depending on your individual circumstances. As well as being secure, your new teeth will be extremely durable. If you take proper care of them they could last upwards of ten years in some cases. Your practitioner will explain how to take care of your new teeth and which products will be ideal for you to use.

An appliance to suit everybody’s smile

In some cases this tooth replacement treatment will be sought out to replace an entire set of missing teeth or to upgrade from current appliances such as dentures. In these cases a full set of dentures or partial dentures will be attached to your implants, but these are not the only appliances that can be used to replace your missing teeth. Sometimes a single tooth can be missing, and whether it is at the front and visible when you smile or at the back making it impossible to chew, it can be equally annoying. A crown is often used to replace a single missing tooth, or multiple missing teeth that are in completely different areas of your mouth. If you are missing several teeth and they are either all in a row next to each other or on either side of a remaining tooth it is likely that your practitioner will opt to use a bridge to restore your smile.

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