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Person getting a dental implant installed

Most people will do whatever it takes to look after their oral health and teeth, through regularly brushing and flossing to a high standard. It is widely recognised that as adults only have one set of natural teeth that need to last an entire adult lifespan, should someone lose one or more teeth they may begin to experience some discomfort when carrying out the everyday tasks that people use their mouths for, such as eating and drinking.

The area of the mouth where tooth loss has occurred may begin to feel sensitive or weaken, due to the fact a tooth is missing, this may lead to those who have lost a tooth or teeth becoming overprotective of an area of the mouth. Yet, there is no need for people who have experienced tooth loss to suffer when there is a permanent solution to missing teeth available on the modern dental market.

Now many dentists are pleased to be able to provide dental implants Leicester to their patients who have experienced tooth loss, giving them access to a permanent solution that has many advantages when compared to results provided by devices such as bridges or dentures.

The advantages of offering dental implants

Many people who lose one or more teeth may start to notice a slight deterioration in their oral health, they may also notice a feeling of weakening in the area of the loss; this may manifest itself as a feeling that the teeth around the area are loose. This is due to the lack of support that would naturally be in the area if the tooth loss had not occurred, implants can help to replace this support and encourage the growth of new bone material within the jawbone.

These implants are extremely hard wearing as they are made from materials that are known to be robust, with the correct care they should last the wearer a lifetime. Best of all, the implants will feel like the wearer’s natural teeth, when inserted correctly.

Designed to last

The base of the implant is a screw made from titanium, this is placed into the jawbone to form a solid foundation within the area of the mouth to attach a crown to, this will form the new tooth above the gum. The crown is created from a ceramic material and is shaped like a tooth, great care is taken to make sure that this new tooth blends into the area by shaping and colouring it to suit the wearer’s teeth. The aim is to create a new tooth that is indistinguishable from any natural teeth surrounding it.

Many wearers of dental implants have reported positive results following the implant procedure, they talk about noticeable impacts on their lives such as a strengthening of the bone and support to the other teeth in the surrounding area, through to being able to eat harder foods without experiencing sensitivity or discomfort.

Is it time for a change?

For those living with the discomfort caused by tooth loss, there is now a real long-term solution that has many advantages over dentures or bridges. Dental implants are suitable for most users, from those with single tooth loss to a complete absence of teeth.

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