5 Reasons to Consider Dental Implants

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There are a lot of different reasons why someone would choose to get dental implants. They may suffer from severe tooth decay or have missing teeth. Both of these create a diminished quality of life because of factors such as pain and the inability to properly chew food. It can often be coupled with the insecurities and unpleasantness of feeling unhappy with how your mouth looks aesthetically: oral health is important, so is having confidence in your appearance. For a lot of patients, dental implants can be a great option, they are functional and can blend in really well with your other teeth. There a whole host of other benefits too. These could include…

They feel like a natural tooth

The great thing about dental implants is that they behave like natural teeth. They give functionality and durability that often can’t be matched by other restorative methods. They are anchored securely to the jaw bone in a very similar way to your natural tooth’s root, which gives false teeth real stability.

Prevention of bone loss

Sometimes if an individual loses a tooth they discover that with time they also lose bone mass around the missing tooth. If there is no longer a root then naturally the body begins to stop the strengthening or ‘ossification’ of the bone. If a patient gets a dental implant then new bone growth can be stimulated and further bone loss can help to be avoided.

Support of facial structure

Bone loss can give individuals with severe tooth decay or missing teeth a sunken appearance around the mouth that over time can cause a serious impact on the structure of the face. In many instanced patients feel they have a certain aged look because they associate this aesthetic with what they see in many older people. If you can keep your jaw bone strong through implants then the overall facial structure can be improved.

Comparably cost-effective

Dental implants are really quite cost-effective if you stretch the payment over a lifetime. Other forms of restoration may need to be maintained or even replaced by a dentist on a semi-regular basis. With dental implants, if properly looked after by the patient, they often can last decades.  Just ask your dentist to show you the best methods for keeping any implants to a highs standard.

The enjoyment of food

We already touched on this earlier and it may seem like an obvious point but being able to eat a normal diet is extremely important to a lot of people. It means we can go to restaurants or enjoy meals with a loved one without having to drastically alter what we would like to eat. If you suffer from tooth loss or need to wear dentures then the ability to chew food is often diminished because the bite isn’t as strong or dentures just are not effective enough to chew tougher foods. The vast majority of patients with implants are able to eat and drink as they would with natural teeth.

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