The importance of visiting the Dentist Meath

Child at a dentist

Through childhood.

Whilst some children do not show signs of teeth at the young age of 6 months, visits to the dental practice provide many benefits both physically and more importantly at this young age, mentally.

On the physical side, although babies and toddlers do not necessarily allow a deep check of the gums and teeth, the dental team can see whether they have a healthy mouth and offer advice to the parents or guardians on how to begin approaching the oral hygiene process. After all, cleaning a toddlers or child’s teeth is no small feat and by implementing positive cleaning approaches from the start you are setting up your child for healthy teeth and gums in the future.

On the mental approach, studies have shown that regular visits throughout childhood to the dental practice have drastically reduced and in some cases eliminated the fears and phobias surrounding visits to the Dentist Meath as an adult.

Through adulthood.

Whilst visits as a child set positive cleaning methods into motion, it is important these dental check-ups are maintained throughout the teens and into adulthood. Unlike your baby teeth, the adult teeth are intended to remain in place for the duration of your life and therefore taking excellent care of them is a priority. By attending the dental practice every 6 to 12 months for a check-up the chances of more intensive treatments or procedures is reduced as signs of dental problems can be spotted early on and changes can be put in place to reduce the need for extra appointments. It may be something as simple as adding floss into the daily oral hygiene process. Either way, by attending regular appointments, checks on dental health along with checks on your cleaning process can be effectively carried out and any adjustments to be made can be discussed before further damage occurs.

What to expect during a dental check-up.

If attending the practice for the first time, the appointment will differ slightly from the following check-up appointments. The first appointment enables the dental team to record your dental history including work you may or may not have had previously along with checks on the jaw movement and gums. X-rays and detailed checks on the overall oral health will be carried out along with a discussion on your past, present and future aims regarding your overall oral health. Where there are areas for concern a discussion will take place and it may be that a dental plan is put into place immediately so as to protect the teeth and gums.

For check-up appointments that follow a detailed inspection of the teeth and gums will of course be carried out and your dental hygiene plan at home will be discussed and adjusted where needed. This appointment is to check that everything is progressing in a healthy manner and to intercept any problems that may begin to appear so as to deal with them promptly and reduce the risk of needing dental work further down the line.

What are facial aesthetics?

Black and white photo of a woman

A considerable number of patients consider facial aesthetics Kent to enhance their appearance. There are many different treatments that patients can ponder when it comes to improving the features of their face. Patients may consider dermal fillers to smooth out the appearance of wrinkles and can take advantage of cheek fillers and lip fillers. Other treatments can be used to soften fine lines and restore a youthful glow. In some dental practices Profhilo can be used to remodel the skin and in others, Obagi Medical Skincare products are also available for patients to use at their discretion. The treatments that are provided at the dental practices which deliver facial aesthetics services can be used as stand-alone treatments or in combination with a series of procedures. Patients can be assured that the healthcare professionals who care for their skin will be trained to the highest standard, as dentists go through rigorous training to very high levels and are strictly regulated. Patients are encouraged to learn about the treatment that they think will benefit their appearance, this can be done through reading this article and also visiting their chosen practice’s website. This article will run through how some of these treatments work and why patients may consider using them.

How do these treatments work?

Facial aesthetics are specially designed to work effectively in the skin. Natural procedures that have scientific backing are used to have a positive effect on the skin. Hyaluronic acid can be used to plump up the skin through dermal fillers, this can be found to naturally occur in the skin but the natural supplies deplete over time, treatments can be used to replace this natural store. Patients can have these non-surgical and non-invasive treatments to assist them in achieving their appearance goals. These treatments stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the skin which aims to combat signs of ageing. Many patients go regularly to their practices to top up their hyaluronic acid stores to ensure that the results of the treatment are maintained. If the results of these treatments sound like something you could benefit from, you should read on to the next section to discover other reasons why these treatments could be a good idea.

Why should I consider these treatments

Patients should consider these treatments because they have the scientific backing to ensure that excellent results can be yielded. Patients who have these treatments can dramatically enhance the appearance of their skin. Single treatments can be used such as Botox or lip fillers on their own or in combination in order to achieve the desired effect. Patients can now combat the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles too, their skin can become rejuvenated and the signs of ageing can be dramatically diminished. These treatments are specially designed to ensure that patients can feel good about their appearance. If a patient thinks that they could benefit from one of these treatments, then they should consider getting in contact with their chosen provider to set up an appointment. From this point, patients will be assessed for their suitability for the treatment, and they will be taken care of by their healthcare provider. Everybody deserves the chance to feel good about their skin and one of these treatments could be the right one to help you do exactly that.

Straight teeth can be an option

Woman with a nice smile

Many people believe that having perfectly straight teeth is simply not an option as they were not able to embark on the braces journey in their youth. However, more and more adults are coming into their dental practices to discuss dental solutions and are finding that dentists have more than one option available that allows their patients to enjoy the smile of their dreams.

There are many different reasons why an individual didn’t get braces at a younger age, whether it be the lack of access to adequate dental care, an inability to afford the treatment or simply their misalignment was not deemed severe enough to warrant the procedure.

Teeth will never naturally straighten over time. Rather, the opposite is more likely to occur as dentists expect to see further twisting and crossing over of teeth as the patient ages. This results in a potentially mild misalignment in an individual’s youth becoming more drastic as the years go on.

If this sounds familiar, know that this is not an uncommon experience. By seeking teeth straightening solutions as an individual ages, patients can rest assured knowing that dentists now have options available to provide them with what they’re looking for.

One of the many ways in which a dentist can discreetly perfect their patient’s smile is with Invisalign Maidstone. These clear aligners have been used by millions of satisfied patients worldwide as a way to straighten teeth and realign a bite without any additional complexities that other treatments have.

A streamlined treatment plan is usually the most preferred for those who have mild to moderate misalignments so that they can enjoy all of the benefits without any of the issues that they do not need to face. In general, a streamlined treatment plan is shorter in length and therefore more cost effective as well, rendering it entirely beneficial to take this path.

How can this treatment be streamlined?

Firstly, a dentist looks at their patient’s individual smile using a digital scan, which pinpoints the exact way that misalignment has occurred and the direct route to correct it. The aligners themselves work on moving your teeth gradually, but have been digitally designed to do so in the shortest and most effective way.

Patients can benefit from these and many more digital perfections that have been exacted on this style of treatment, knowing that consistent research allows for continual updating of the treatment plan to suit specific needs.

By speaking to a dentist about their options, a patient is able to make a more informed decision about straightening their teeth and what device they should best do this with.

Enlightened oral health care professionals will offer a diverse range of solutions to their patients, explaining the advantages and potential disadvantages to each solution. By working together through the unique data at hand and determining what is the most important for any given patient, a decision can usually be made with a clear path towards success laid out for everyone to follow.

By using a removable device, many adults find that they can comfortably mix effectiveness with convenience, providing a teeth straightening solution that works with their lifestyle.

The importance of good dental marketing

Man working at a desk

With everyone using the world wide web to search for their dental needs and requirements, good dental marketing is vital for the success of any dental practice. Without a website and a good online presence, it is impossible to hold onto regular patients, let alone attract new patients to the practice. Nearly all dental practices have good websites, without which most potential patients will be unaware of your existence. With dental practices available on every High Street, providing the same treatments and procedures and looking very similar from the outside, it is very likely that potential patients will walk past without realising that the practice is even there. In their busy hectic lives most people use their phones and laptops to find what they are looking for, including the answers to their dental queries. To get your dental practice online, do not wait until you lose more customers, speak to an experienced dental marketing team today.

Everyone is searching for their dental needs online

The introduction of social media and the popularity of selfies has encouraged more self grooming than ever, this includes not only maintaining good oral health and clean healthy teeth but recent times has also seen the surge in popularity and demand of cosmetic dentistry. This is something that may not be brought up at the dentist during a regular check-up but it is something that a potential patient will look up at home to read up about, including all important ‘before and after’ pictures to see what cosmetic dentistry may be able to do for their teeth. To ensure that the practice does not miss out on such potential customers and patients, it is important to have a modern, bespoke website which has all these things available including before and after pictures and including treatments and procedures which can help entice new patients as well as encourage regular patients to consider other options.

The importance of a good Dental Marketing team to help your dental practice

An experienced and award-winning dental marketing team will help put together an excellent website which will showcase the practices USPs and all the treatments and procedures that are on offer, as well as reassuring the reader that the people on the team and the premises is the perfect place to have their dental needs attended to. The website will also address success stories of treatments and procedures which have been carried out at the practice to help encourage the reader further and will also offer prices and treatment plans, which will draw the attention of the reader in such a way that prevents them from clicking the next website on the list and convincing them they they do not need to see what the competitors are offering. The website will be designed so that everything that the reader is looking for will be easy to find. The only step remaining will be for them to pick up the phone and make an appointment.

5 myths about whitening debunked

Woman smiling

In the modern world, it is important to have supreme confidence in your appearance and your smile.

And if you are like the majority of dental patients, you may wish that your smile was whiter.

As one of the staples of all dental cosmetic procedures, teeth whitening from Harley Street is in no danger of slowing down, with more patients than ever before seeking an easy way to get their teeth on par with those who tread the red carpet.

But, with popularity comes myths and half-truths. If you have been considering having your smile whitened, you have probably come across at least a couple of the following myths that surround this procedure.

So, without further ado, here are the truths behind dental whitening.

It ruins the enamel

In the past, whitening may have involved drilling or physical sanding to remove some deeper-set stains, which would have damaged the enamel and heightened sensitivity.

Today, the majority of whitening procedures involve gels and these gels are made from hydrogen peroxide; this oxidises the surface of the teeth and removes the stain without the need for abrasion or enhanced sensitivity, so your enamel stays intact.

You get the same effect with over the counter pastes

DIY whitening kits have boomed in popularity but they cannot offer the same results as professional whitening.

Even the strongest over-the-counter gels contain 1% hydrogen peroxide, whereas the ones used in a dental surgery can be as high as 6%. To prevent this higher strength gel from causing issues with your gums, your dentist will fit a dam to stop it from coming into contact with the soft tissues of your mouth.

If you want to whiten your smile quickly and effectively, talk to your dentist.

People with crowns and fillings can’t have their teeth whitened

In recent years, there has been a rise in the use of composite fillings and crowns, to help patients who have needed restorative procedures to maintain their smiles.

But this has led to questions surrounding the compatibility with whitening gels and polishes. In short, if you have composite fillings or crowns, the surrounding tooth can still be whitened, but the filling cannot be, which can lead to an uneven appearance.

If you have concerns relating to whitening with composite fillings or crowns, talk to your dentist about cleaning the composite to match or, alternatively, discuss a more suitable procedure like dental veneers.

Whitening is permanent

While professional whitening can last up to 2 years, it is not permanent.

Smoking, drinking and consumption of sugar can all impact any whitening procedures longevity.

Whitening looks fake

Yes, if done to the extreme, teeth whitening can look extremely fake, as the teeth appear to lose all dimension and imperfections that make them yours.

However, depending on how white you want your teeth to look, your dentist will be able to achieve it by altering the concentrations in the gels, so you can have a smile that is 5 shades whiter, or 15.

Why are clear aligners replacing braces?

Woman wearing clear teeth aligners

Clear aligners are an orthodontic tool used to straighten teeth and can often be used instead of a brace. You may have seen them advertised on TV or online, as some providers will offer them directly to patients without using local dental clinics.

Even in clinics where clear aligners have been available for about 10 years, we are seeing more use of clear options over traditional brace use. If you do need orthodontic work, should you wear an aligner or a brace? How do the two treatment options compare?

Aesthetics of the treatment; during and after

The clear aligners are often called invisible braces, which is used to get across the idea that it works as a brace but cant been seen. This is a half-truth, the aligners available by Invisalign in Bromley are very thin, light and translucent, making them as close to invisible as possible but the way they re-arrange teeth is quite different. A standard brace applies pulling force to a tooth from the archwire to the brace, which is glued to the middle centre of the tooth. The aligners have contact points across the tooths front, back and upper surfaces allowing them to push on them from different angles. This, along with the smarter application of force, allows more tooth movement with less force and therefore less discomfort.

This alone is enough for most patients to adopt clear aligners over braces. The awkward brace wearing phase associated with adolescents can be avoided, and among adult working professionals the idea of using a metal brace is distasteful, once again heightening the popularity of clear alternatives.

How do aligners feel?

Patients with complex orthodontic conditions who have experienced using both aligners and regular braces consider aligners less painful and easier to eat with.

This is mostly to do with the adjustments that are made to braces; brace adjustments are made by an orthodontist usually every 6 weeks but each aligner is only worn for two weeks. These smaller and more regular adjustments, along with the more forgiving plastic resin of the aligner compared to the rigidity of metal braces, make the latter more tolerable. With braces, users often have to take paracetamol and eat softer food for several days after adjustments, but with aligner users reporting not having to alter their food choices or use pain relief.

Clinical effetiveness

The clinical effectiveness of braces is very well established with more than a hundred years of use in dentistry. The clear aligners have less than 20 years but have shown themselves to be effective when applied correctly. One of the biggest issues in determining the effectiveness of aligners is their possible misuse. Braces have always only been available in clinics provided by fully licenced dental professionals, but aligners are available in at-home kits. Without the guidance of a dentist, it seems the success rate of the at-home kits is significantly lower than clear aligners used with the oversight of a local clinic.

In concussion or TLDR

Aligners are not always appropriate; if your condition involves altering the position of molars or changes to your palate size, braces are the only effective treatment. If clear aligners are appropriate for you, they are more comfortable, less disruptive and are just as effective.

Who are Sheen Dental?

Dentists consulting on an x-ray

If a patient is looking for a Dentist Richmond to improve their smile, then they are in the right place. The practice has over one hundred years of experience, this has allowed the team of professionals to create the best level of service and customer support. The practice is committed to giving patients the best access to all kinds of dental treatments. Every effort to ensure that patients are given the most pleasant experience. This practice is committed to allow patients to enjoy their dental experience rather than feeling stressed and not at ease. It is believed that beautifully sculpted smiles have the capacity to change lives, so scientific backing and collected knowledge can be used to allow patients to create the smile that they have always wished to own. If a patient is looking for a dentist or hygienist then they can read on to discover what treatments are on offer to them.

What treatments are available?

As a potential patient of Dentist Richmond, the a patient could have access to a whole host of different treatments. If a patent is looking for a treatment that will improve the appearance of their smile then they could consider Cosmetic Dentistry. This branch of treatment includes offers such as White Fillings, Porcelain Veneers, Teeth Whitening, Gum Contouring, Smile Makeover, 1 Visit Smile and CEREC. If a patient is looking to restore their smile into its former glory then they could consider Restorative Dentistry. This includes access to Bridges, Dentures & Denture Stabilisation, Crowns and Inlays & Onlays. It is also important for patients to consider taking care of their mouth in a preventative sense. This includes access to advice such as Dental Hygiene, Sensitive Teeth, Children’s Teeth, Smoking Cessation, Mouth Cancer Screening and Pregnant Women. For missing teeth patients can consider treatments such as dental implants. General dentistry is also offered, this includes access to Emergency Dental Care Extractions, Oral Surgery and Canal Therapy. Assistance with issues such as Jaw Problems and Snoring is also available. Orthodontics can be used to straighten teeth, products available include Invisalign, Incognito Braces alongside fixed and removable Braces. Facial Aesthetics such as Anti-Wrinkle Treatments can also be done in practice. Patients could consider reading onto the next section to see what they should do next in order to access one of these treatments.

What should I do next?

If a patient thinks that one of these treatments could be for them, then they should consider their options moving forward. The practice is committed to ensuring that all patients have access to the treatments that they need. Patients can learn more about these treatments through the website as well as asking any enquiries. Patients can also get in contact with the practice directly by calling the practice to discuss what treatments could be a good fit for them and their family. Patients are encouraged to work with their dentist to discover what treatment could allow a patient to access the smile that they have always wanted. The practice is always keen to meet new patients, so if a patient is looking for a new dentist, then they are in the right place.

Social Judgements Size You Up in Seconds

Woman smiling in the mirror

Living in modern society has brought the idea of ‘the face you wear matters’ to the fore which is probably why an increasing number of individuals are turning to cosmetic dental treatments such as Invisalign St Albans and other facial aesthetic procedures (non-surgical) to enhance the looks that Mother Nature gave them.

In the case of straightening the case of crooked teeth, there is much more to this worthwhile endeavour than just improving dental appearance (and thereby one’s attractiveness). This highly-approved dental goal also answers to improved oral hygiene and optimal dental health. Of equal importance to these desirable outcomes, is a boost in confidence and self-esteem and the patient reaps the rewards of a metaphorically rich and fulfilling life.

Why the preoccupation with first impressions

No matter on which side of the for-or-against side of the fence you sit, the fact remains that in this image-obsessed modern world, we are judged according to our looks. It is interesting to note that this judgement does not only come from external sources but also from within ourselves. In an enlightening report on self-perceptions on body image, results from an online survey showed that 34 percent of adults in the UK experienced feelings of shame due to dissatisfaction over how they looked.

It takes only a split second for others to make inferences about our personality and character with a first glance. The potential of a human being is narrowed down to whether they are friendly, intelligent, confident and capable – all in a blink of an eye. Provided you have an attractive smile, others are more predisposed to allocate positive personality traits to you along with a greater likelihood to succeed in life. While it may take about a second to make social inferences, these can have weighty and life-long consequences.

The appearance-bias that is often seen in practice in the workplace, prejudices against individuals who are deemed unattractive, and therefore, incapable. Individuals can be looked over when it comes to being hired or looked over for promotion opportunities. Outside the workplace, this prejudice can filter into the playground in the form of bullying and into one’s personal life when one experiences difficulty in forming friendships and finding love and acceptance.

The answer to the question, from where do we learn to evaluate facial appearance and facial expressions may lie in a research study that looked at how babies gain meaning from facial signals. It seems that it is human instinct to study faces for information for we have been responding to faces from the time we were born. Only a few days after being born, babies are able to tell the difference between facial expressions, a happy face, sad face and surprised face.

The British Orthodontic Society together with the Oral Health Foundation have expressed concern about individuals seeking to straighten their teeth without the supervision of a professionally qualified dental practitioner. The Safe Brace campaign is the result of this partnership that aims to inform and educate anyone interested in braces to fix their teeth about how to go about this in a safe and effective way.

It is only a practising dentist that can provide trusted advice and oversee a proper teeth-straightening treatment for safe and reliable results. For more trustworthy information on orthodontic treatments from experienced dental practitioners, contact UK Dental Specialists.

What is Invisalign?

Woman wearing clear teeth aligners

If you are looking for a dental treatment to help straighten your teeth, but don’t want to have constant dental appointments or metal braces, then Invisalign in Welwyn could be for you. It involves you being given multiple aligners which are made out of a soft, clear plastic material. Each of the aligners will be different to gradually straighten your teeth over time. The average treatment time is usually between 6-18 months, but it all comes down to your individual needs.

What’s the process?

Firstly, as with any dental treatment that is given, you will have a consultation appointment with your dentist. This is vital in ensuring that you get all of the information you need to go forward, and to allow your dentist to take scans. The scans taken in this appointment are important so that your dentist can have a better look at your teeth and jaw, and then they can be sent off to a dental laboratory so that your aligners can be custom-made. By using X-rays to influence the shape of your aligners, it means that they fit perfectly around your teeth, increasing both effectiveness and comfort.

After your consultation appointment, you will then wait a couple of weeks for your custom-made aligners to be created. And once you receive them, your teeth straightening  journey can truly begin! The aligners are removable, meaning that you can change between the different appliances easily and from the comfort of your own home. It is recommended to wear your aligners for around 20 hours a day, which may sound like a lot, but due to the added comfort from the thin plastic material, it won’t be a massive inconvenience. When you are going through the treatment, you will only have to visit your dentist every 6-8 weeks for a quick check-up to make sure everything is going as planned.

Once you have completed the treatment, you will be advised to wear a retainer to make sure that your teeth don’t retract to their original positioning. This is typical with any treatment that involves teeth alignment , as sometimes your teeth will try and move back to where they were before. This is why it is important to wear a retainer for a certain amount of time afterwards to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

What are the advantages?

There are so many great advantages to this treatment that you can enjoy, whether it is for health reasons or appearance.

The most common benefit that people enjoy about this treatment is how the aligners look when you have them in. As mentioned above, the material used is a soft, clear, thin plastic that fits snugly around your teeth, meaning that anyone else won’t even be able to see that you have them in.

Another advantage of this treatment is the ease of the whole process. It does not involve any invasive mould taking, and you can administer it from your own home by changing each aligner when due to. This is great if you are someone who feels more nervous about coming to the dentist, as you will only have to go to your dental practice for scans and a few quick check-ups.

Crowns and Bridges at the Cosmetic Dental Implant Clinic Stockton

Man with dental crowns

Some people may walk around for much of their adult life with a row of bad teeth that they feel are too difficult or expensive to fix, often these teeth will eventually fall out or have already been knocked out due to some or other facial trauma. The quality of their life goes downhill because they become self-conscious about gaps in their smile and find eating to be quite difficult, but at the Cosmetic and Dental Implants Clinic Stockton, we can fix bad teeth and close gaps easily with the use of crowns and bridges to not only transform a smile but restore the functionality of the teeth as well.

What are crowns and bridges and how are they made?

Crowns – these are used as a cap for the top of a broken or chipped tooth or a tooth that has had major endodontic work like root canal therapy. They are commonly made from dental porcelain which exactly mimics the colour and transparency of real teeth making for a convincing restoration of the tooth, however, they can also be composed of a resin or dental composite which also looks like real teeth but instead of being carved out of porcelain they are moulded and sculpted to fit the tooth on the spit. In some cases people may opt for a restorative crown to be made of stainless metal or gold, this is an expensive option and a wholly aesthetic choice on the part of the wearer.

Bridges – this is a row of false teeth all stuck together perfectly alongside each other to replace two or more missing teeth. Most commonly these are made from porcelain which can last a very long time and feel like real teeth but in the case of a patient who is on a tight budget they can be made out of a coloured resin material.

Can they close very large gaps?

Yes, dental bridges are designed to replace a row of missing teeth without having to go in and replace each tooth, in turn, one long row of fixed teeth are set in place at once. These are often supported by crowns which are fixed to the top of the teeth on the side of the row to hold the bride in place, hence the name bridge, however, this method can sometimes see the bridge coming loose or breaking.

Can they be fixed in place?

Yes, a dental bridge can be fixed in place with dental implants. A dental implant is a small titanium screw that is set into the jaw bone, attached to this screw is an abutment which sits above the gum and dentists can then attached the bride of teeth to the abutment in order to secure them in place, a single implant can hold two or 3 teeth in place while two implants can support a much larger bridge. If patients would like to go for this option they need to know that they may have to wait 6 months for the implant to properly fuse with the bone before any bridges can be fixed to it, during this waiting period they will have to wear a temporary bridge in order to close the gap.