How to choose the best braces for your needs

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Twenty years ago, braces were for awkward teenagers with acne, not adults trying to be taken seriously in the workplace. However, the ever-changing face of braces in St John’s Wood has made a beautiful smile possible at any age.

Chat to your local dentist if you are unsure of your choices. Expert orthodontists at St John’s Wood come with a wealth of knowledge and several years of experience.

Maintain a professional look while straightening your teeth with Invisalign

Many dental clients ask, ‘what is the most discreet straightening aid?’ Invisalign or invisible braces are not just discreet, they are practically invisible.

What are they and how do they work?

Invisible braces comprise of approximately 24 clear mouthguard type aligners that the wearer replaces every two weeks.

They are removable and made from transparent plastic, which means your current lifestyle will not be disrupted in any way.

No two pairs of aligners are the same shape, the intention of them is to pull your teeth, ever so slightly, into a new position.

How long will I have to wear them for?

The duration of treatment varies between patients but ranges between several months and two years.

Using top-of-the-range technology, such as an iTero scanner, your treatment plan is customised in detail.

On your first appointment, once it is decided that you are eligible for Invisalign, digital dental impressions are taken of your teeth using the scanner.

These impressions are efficient, accurate and produced at high speed, which allows an orthodontist to devise a treatment plan in half the time.

These findings also allow the experts to predict how your teeth will move incrementally during treatment, and provide you with a realistic expectation of how your teeth will look post-treatment.

Pros and cons of invisible braces

Discreet and removable

The discreet and removable are Invisalign’s key selling points. Imagine the freedom of socialising with friends, going on dates and interviews whilst wearing Invisalign’s aligners. Only you will know that you are wearing them.

No need to adapt your brushing routine and eating – your lifestyle remains virtually unchanged because you can take out the aligners whenever you need to.


You might experience some discomfort when you first start wearing the aligners, and for a while after replacing your trays every two weeks but that is the extent of your pain.

You can say goodbye to the idea of mouth sores caused by metal braces scraping with cheek tissue.

The need for discipline

Aligners are costly to replace if you lose them and not as useful if you do not wear them for most of the time. Their removable nature should not mean you take them out on a whim, but only when you absolutely have to.

Are there other alternatives similar to Invisalign?

If you are not a suitable candidate for Invisalign or would prefer to have a fixed orthodontic device, ceramic braces and lingual braces in St John’s Wood are worth considering.

Ceramic braces have brackets made from ceramic not metal, and with a minimal amount of wire in your mouth, the appearance of this straightening aid in your mouth is discreet.

Lingual braces are glued onto the back of the teeth and are practically out of sight.

Braces can be a costly endeavor, but a lifelong investment that contributes to your overall health.

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