The importance of visiting the Dentist Meath

Child at a dentist

Through childhood.

Whilst some children do not show signs of teeth at the young age of 6 months, visits to the dental practice provide many benefits both physically and more importantly at this young age, mentally.

On the physical side, although babies and toddlers do not necessarily allow a deep check of the gums and teeth, the dental team can see whether they have a healthy mouth and offer advice to the parents or guardians on how to begin approaching the oral hygiene process. After all, cleaning a toddlers or child’s teeth is no small feat and by implementing positive cleaning approaches from the start you are setting up your child for healthy teeth and gums in the future.

On the mental approach, studies have shown that regular visits throughout childhood to the dental practice have drastically reduced and in some cases eliminated the fears and phobias surrounding visits to the Dentist Meath as an adult.

Through adulthood.

Whilst visits as a child set positive cleaning methods into motion, it is important these dental check-ups are maintained throughout the teens and into adulthood. Unlike your baby teeth, the adult teeth are intended to remain in place for the duration of your life and therefore taking excellent care of them is a priority. By attending the dental practice every 6 to 12 months for a check-up the chances of more intensive treatments or procedures is reduced as signs of dental problems can be spotted early on and changes can be put in place to reduce the need for extra appointments. It may be something as simple as adding floss into the daily oral hygiene process. Either way, by attending regular appointments, checks on dental health along with checks on your cleaning process can be effectively carried out and any adjustments to be made can be discussed before further damage occurs.

What to expect during a dental check-up.

If attending the practice for the first time, the appointment will differ slightly from the following check-up appointments. The first appointment enables the dental team to record your dental history including work you may or may not have had previously along with checks on the jaw movement and gums. X-rays and detailed checks on the overall oral health will be carried out along with a discussion on your past, present and future aims regarding your overall oral health. Where there are areas for concern a discussion will take place and it may be that a dental plan is put into place immediately so as to protect the teeth and gums.

For check-up appointments that follow a detailed inspection of the teeth and gums will of course be carried out and your dental hygiene plan at home will be discussed and adjusted where needed. This appointment is to check that everything is progressing in a healthy manner and to intercept any problems that may begin to appear so as to deal with them promptly and reduce the risk of needing dental work further down the line.

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