A discussion about the benefits of Invisalign

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There is now a recognition that despite advances in modern dental treatment and the improved understanding of the need for good oral hygiene and health, there are still a lot of people choosing not to receive treatment for common issues that could be perfectly treatable. This is leading to some people living with poor oral health, meaning there is a heightened risk of further deterioration and damage to the teeth.

For those living with misaligned teeth, the risks that are present due to poor oral health can lead to the need for invasive dental procedures, which can be uncomfortable and create a sense of dread in anyone’s mind. For adults living in the UK with misaligned teeth, who may have steered away from treatment at an earlier age, there is now a modern alignment treatment suited to meet their needs.

Many contemporary dental practices are now offering these modern alignment treatments aimed at their adult patients. Simply known as Invisalign Hertfordshire, this service is designed to match patients with misaligned teeth with the best in modern aligners.

Slick and modern, designed to hide in full view

The aligners being offered by Invisalign have been created with the needs and wishes of potential patients in mind, by thinking about the issues that made these people refuse treatments of the past, thus the designers have created an aligner for the future. The first stage of the reinventing of the aligner was to find a way to make them more hidden in the mouth when worn, this led to a complete change in the traditional thinking about the positioning of the aligners and the materials they are made from.

The new aligners were created using two pieces of strong and durable clear plastic that could be moulded to slip over the patient’s teeth. This eliminated the use of wires and pieces of metal placed on the teeth to create the braces that many found so ugly and led to potential patients refusing treatment.

In the place of the old brace is now a slick and modern aligner that is suitable to meet the patient’s needs, while being practically invisible to the eyes of other people. This helps to create a sense of confidence in the mind of the wearer going through treatment, as at all times they have the knowledge they are receiving the right treatment for them, without the need to change any aspect of their life.

Anyone seeking tooth alignment treatment will need to undergo a consultation with a dental professional, such as a dentist or orthodontist, to check it is the right treatment for them to go ahead with. At this consultation, a cast or scans of the teeth can be taken for the aligners to be produced from, making them perfect to meet the needs of the individual.

The dental professional will create a series of aligners that will be used throughout treatment, the aligners are normally changed every two weeks for the next in the series, this should give the best results available. The normal length of treatment is twelve to eighteen months, but the dental professional involved in the case will advise about the length of treatment.

Your next step

Dental practices offering this treatment are always happy to hear from potential patients who want to find out more information about Invisalign and they are only a phone call or email away.

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