Our Guide to Dental Makeovers

Woman getting an oral makeover

Thought a makeover could only be done by a make-up artist? Things you didn’t know about smile makeovers in Harley Street.

Everyone wants to look their best. Today, more people are seeking out cosmetic procedures and makeovers in salons and spas to help them look and feel fantastic; if you look good, you feel good after all!

But, when the word makeover is mentioned, many people think of a facial makeover or even hair makeovers. Dental makeovers are often overlooked as a cosmetic booster, but they can provide an instant improvement to your appearance, to provide you with a longer-lasting solution to your facial aesthetics than any makeover you could get at a spa.

Dental makeovers are growing in popularity, but what do you need to know about this procedure before you book one?

What is a smile makeover? 

Oral makeovers in Harley Street and across the UK combine cosmetic procedures like porcelain veneers, dental implants, tooth whitening, and white fillings to improve the appearance of your smile; it is literally a makeover for your teeth!

Procedures used

Depending on how you want your smile to look and the feasibility of achieving it, your dentist may suggest only one cosmetic method or several.

When a person presents with severe misalignment in their mouth, the dental professional may suggest that the first type of treatment in the smile makeover is a brace. As disheartening as this can feel, the braces used will rarely be orthodontic in nature; brands like Invisalign or Six Month Smiles are preferred by cosmetic dentists, as they can straighten the teeth at an accelerated rate. Once this stage is completed, then other parts of the makeover, like tooth whitening or veneers can begin.

Length of procedures

Many people are confused when their smile makeover takes longer than their friend’s did. Unlike an average dental check-up, one smile makeover may take longer than another, depending on the amount of work required, along with the complexity of the procedure.

Not all dentists are the same

When you are having a basic check-up without additional work, it may not matter that one dentist’s technique of fitting a filling may be slightly different from another’s.

In cosmetic dentistry, technique and experience can and do make all the difference. Before committing to working with one dentist, research the most experienced at the dental practice where you intend to have the makeover completed. This is not a procedure that should be handled by a dentist with minimal experience.

Costs will vary

Many dental websites have a pricing list for procedures that they offer. Due to the individual nature of an oral makeover, you may find it is easier to discuss fees with your dentist then trying to estimate them yourself by adding up the individual procedure costs.

Ask your dental surgery about a dental plan or a payment plan to help you spread the cost of your makeover, then all you have to worry about is showing off your new smile.

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