The Pursuit Of Perfect Teeth – Why Cosmetic Dentists Are In Demand

Picture of a dentist's chair

The rise of cosmetic dentistry over the past decade reflects how a substantial number of Brits now view dental aesthetics as a priority. This increased interest in dental treatments can undoubtedly be attributed to contemporary generations embracing the social media culture that encourages users to project a picture-perfect image. Apps such as Twitter and Instagram see filtered images of everyday folk jostling for attention beside professional photos of celebrities with their gleaming dental implants and surgically enhanced smiles. Yet there has always been the presence of incredibly beautiful film stars and pop idols flashing their straight, white teeth at us mere mortals from magazines, cinema screens and the T.V., so what’s changed?

No need for a superstar budget

Although cosmetic treatments performed by regulated and certified professionals do attract a certain amount of expense, competition between cosmetic dentists means that patients can afford to shop around for the best deal for the dental services they require. Treatments such as teeth-whitening are relatively cheap when one is considering dental enhancement and if your teeth are already in good condition and merely stained or discolored, this could be the solution for you. There are different sorts of whitening treatments available, including lasering and bleaching, and these will incur varying costs. Although you can purchase home whitening kits, it is advisable to allow an approved dentist to do it to ensure the procedure is safe and for potentially longer-lasting effects.

An increase in the quality of products, materials, and tools

Not only have prices become more affordable over the years but the quality of products, such as dentures and braces, has improved. This means that patients could potentially improve their dental aesthetics with treatments from their own dentist via the NHS. Products such as veneers and implants are created using excellent quality materials and processes giving longer-lasting results. Dental technology is also constantly advancing and private practices may have access to technology and tools like 3D scanners as their budget is not confined like that of an NHS dental surgery.

Swayed by the allure of luxury

Many people dream of living like a celebrity, and dental cosmetics performed in a luxurious environment can allow patients to fulfill this ambition. Private practices want patients to be well aware of the exclusive atmosphere of their surgery and this is reflected in the individual attention given to each patient. This wish to be pampered and treated like a celebrity suggests yet another reason for the increase in cosmetic dental procedures. However, it is worth noting that many NHS dentists provide private services, so you could find yourself having private dental work performed in your usual dental surgery and even by the same dentist. Although the exclusivity of the environment may be lost if this occurs, you will have the assurance of being treated by a dentist with whom you are familiar.

There are several reasons that explain the increase in demand for cosmetic dental work, and with personal image becoming increasingly important, there is no doubt that this demand is set to increase further.

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