How to find the right dental implants for you

Person getting a dental implant installed

If you are thinking about getting dental implants in Herefordshire, then do not rush into your decision. There is more than one type of implant procedure that you may need to have, and your options should be discussed thoroughly with your dentist first. There are lots of reasons why you could be considering getting implants. You might be wanting a change from the reliable and removable dentures you have had for many years, or maybe you have recently lost all of your teeth in an accident and you feel that you need to replace them as soon as possible to get your confidence back on track.

A smile is often amongst the first things noticed about somebody, and you should always feel able to smile no matter your age. So, if you have lost your teeth through getting older, then implants may well just make you feel years younger again. You can have a full set of smiling teeth that you are proud of once again.

Implant procedures are not normally covered by the NHS, but if you can prove that having implants is a medical need for you, they may make an exception. You may also qualify for NHS funding if your need for replacement teeth is due to an injury or accident you were involved in. It is advisable to speak to your dentist to see if you are eligible for funding.

Different kinds of implants

Individuality is something that everybody has in common. Each person on Earth has a completely individual set of teeth. This means that there are several different types of treatments to assist in easing a multitude of these unique problems. The most commonly performed implant procedure is where a titanium screw is slotted into your jawbone, so eventually you are able to fix dentures or crowns onto them to look like proper teeth.

Sometimes people do not have enough jawbone and the procedure becomes a bit longer, as you need to have a small metal frame fitted underneath your gums, so they grow around it and enable the same original process to be carried out. However this time it will not be a screw in your jawbone, it will be fixed onto the metal frame instead.

Once your implant is in place you will be able to have your dentures fixed to it, or just a crown if that is all you need. It depends on what condition your teeth were in beforehand, and this will have been assessed by your dentist. They will know exactly how many crowns or sets of dentures are needed and how many implants to support them. You can have more than one artificial tooth to an implant.

Why you should be considering implants if you aren’t already

There are multiple reasons why people consider getting implants, but most people do not actually recognize all the benefits until they have actually had the treatment. They are just like your original teeth. They do not come out, they need to be cleaned properly and thoroughly to make sure they are in good condition, and you will not have difficulty eating in public again. Replacement teeth will replace your confidence as you feel so much younger and more energized when you have a fresh smile to show off.

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