Cosmetic dentistry for everyone

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It was once believed that having teeth professionally cleaned, whitened, straightened or perfected was for the rich and famous, with prices a staggering amount for the average household to be able to afford.

These days, Sheen Dental in Richmond seeks to provide their patients with affordable treatment plans which allow them to have the smile that they have always wanted and that they truly deserve. It is the belief of these professionals that every individual is entitled to have healthy, strong teeth that they are proud to share with the world, and that having cosmetic treatments in order to enhance and beautify one’s smile should be available to all.

By speaking with a professional, patients are able to understand what options are available to them and why it is better for their overall health and well-being to perfect their smile. Cosmetic dentistry not only creates a more aesthetically pleasing smile for the individual and those around them to enjoy, it is likely that such treatments will allow teeth and gums to be more easily cleaned and therefore will keep them healthier and stronger, to be enjoyed for many more years to come.

Those who have invested in the appearance of their teeth rarely regret the experience. They simply wish that they had done it sooner so that they could experience the feelings of improved self-esteem and other feelings of enjoyment that comes from loving one’s smile. A smile speaks a thousand words, so patients need to ensure that their smile is the best that it can be.

What are some treatments available?

From teeth whitening, to complex straightening to effective and fast porcelain veneers, there is a treatment plan for every person that can improve their physical and emotional well-being. Straighter teeth are healthier teeth and many dentists will agree that by straightening crooked or gapped teeth, a patient will experience vastly improved oral health.

This can be done with many different kinds of devices including traditional braces, as well as invisible and removable braces that are increasing in popularity. A dentist will explain every option that is available to a patient so that they are aware of the advantages and potential risks of every treatment plan. They are then able to come to an agreement with their dentist as to the best plan of action to pursue.

For those people who have several complaints about their visible teeth, porcelain veneers might be a suitable option. They can combat misshapen or slightly crooked teeth, chipped, broken or cracked teeth, as well as permanently discoloured teeth, quickly and easily.

A veneer is simply a very thin shell that is glued onto teeth, not unlike a false nail glued to one’s natural nail. They are very durable and can last up to and over a decade if cared for properly.

With many different shapes, styles and colours available, dentists will be able to perfectly match a veneer for it to perfectly blend in with a patient’s natural teeth, or if the patient is looking for a smile makeover, they can enjoy perfectly shaped and perfectly white, straight teeth in an instant.

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