Should I get braces despite my age?

Woman with braces smiling

The world of orthodontics is expanding rapidly. Braces are no longer predominantly worn by children but individuals of all ages who want to to improve their smile and overall dental health.

Since their inception, braces have evolved, now boasting a sleeker design and more comfortable fit. One straightening aid stands out among the rest: invisible braces in St John’s Wood.

Why choose invisible braces?

Invisible braces, Invisalign or clear aligners all refer to the same method for fixing crowding, space issues or irregularities that negatively impact your smile and in turn, your confidence.

This orthodontic device has several noteworthy features. And while all these make your braces-wearing experience convenient and problem-free, its virtually undetectable appearance is what draws people to the aid in the first place.

What do invisible braces look like?

Invisible braces consist of multiple sets of aligners made from medical-grade, BPA-free plastic. These aligners are uniquely designed to move your teeth into the desired position by placing pressure on the tips of your teeth. This method differs from regular braces that work with consistent force placed on the root.

Each set of aligners is a different version to the last, targeting specific teeth and slowly shifting them into position.

Are invisible braces permanent fixtures?

The detachable nature of the aligners is another attractive feature that enhances the user’s experience.

You won’t have to be picking spinach from your wires or having to use specialised tools to clean underneath the brackets of your braces. Remove the plastic aligner and enjoy the food you like to eat, without embarrassing yourself or breaking your straightening aid in the process.

Will I be wearing my orthodontic devices for a long time?

The average patient wears invisible braces between six months to a year. However, the time varies between patients.

That said, Invisalign users generally wear their aligners for a shorter period than individuals using metal braces.

Advantages of the device

  • An investment for your teeth

Although the cost of invisible braces outweighs standard braces, the higher price point grants you a more pleasurable user experience.

If you’re on a tight budget and don’t want to delve too deeply into your savings, there are cheaper, equally reliable methods you can consider instead.

  • Detachable

Removing your aligners before you eat is hugely convenient because you can still enjoy your favourite food. Just remember to take them out before taking a chunk out of an apple! Additionally, be sure to wear the device for the prescribed 22 hours daily to optimise the device’s effectiveness.

  • Less painful

Although you might experience some level of discomfort with invisible braces, the user experience is far more comfortable. Your teeth will feel pressure while adjusting to this foreign object, but these feelings of tenderness eventually fade.

  • Advanced technology

Thanks to advancements in technology, Invisalign users won’t have to endure unpleasant procedures while their dental practitioner takes impressions of their teeth using moulds. A minimally invasive scanner is used instead, which is far more precise and quick.