Why veneer treatments are used to showcase the best looking smile

Picture of a tooth veneer

A poll conducted by RealSelf, an online doctor booking platform – has revealed the top three cosmetic dental procedures that 43 percent of UK respondents want; teeth straightening, teeth whitening and artificial coverings or shells that fit over the tooth. Veneers in Liverpool are placed over the enamel which is the surface layer of the tooth and can either be made out of porcelain (a very popular choice with many patients) or out of a composite material.

According to the NHS, veneer treatments are useful for addressing dental issues such as appearance and oral health. Many dental professionals suggest veneers as a suitable treatment option to patients who need to:

  • Address teeth spacing issues
  • Fix malformed or chipped teeth
  • Improve length and colour of teeth

The two great benefits of veneers are their long-term use and the incredible aesthetic results they produce. As the procedure does not require complicated or time-consuming methods, it is ideal for patients who are put off by lengthy treatment plans.

What do veneer treatments require from patients?

  • A firm decision

Having a veneer procedure carried out is irreversible. Once the tooth is prepared (it may need to be shaved to the required shape and size), the shell is bonded to the enamel, it cannot be removed.

  • Know that a replacement procedure may be needed down the line

The longevity of any dental procedure will depend on many factors – a significant one being the behaviour of patients with regards to oral health.

  • Be aware of side-effects

The side-effects may vary from patient to patient but the most common one associated with veneers is tooth sensitivity. It is not usual for a patient to experience pain and should a patient feel any discomfort, they should address this with their dentist as soon as possible.

  • Regular dental visits are recommended to maintain aesthetic value

It is up to the patient to ensure that they maintain the aesthetically pleasing results of their veneer treatment by having a dentist carry out routine professional teeth cleaning treatments. These appointments are also necessary to support their dental health goals.

  • Choose a dental practitioner with the relevant experience and proficiencies

The end results of veneer treatments will depend to a large extent on the capabilities and experience of the practicing dental practitioner. Seeing that this type of procedure is above all a cosmetic one, this is an important factor that a patient should not neglect.

Veneers are a relatively quick and easy option for patients looking to enhance their overall smile. Treatments can work towards improving the colour of teeth or solving crooked teeth issues. Patients can opt to have veneers placed on a few teeth or an entire set of teeth. To make the best decision, it is advisable to consult a practising dentist to discuss all options.

Any experienced dentist will carry out an oral examination to first determine dental health and then discuss treatment options available that will target a patient’s goals and needs that will suit their budget. Give your dentist a call today to schedule a consultation.

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