3 Reasons To Get Invisible Braces in Clapham

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Aligning your teeth has never been easier, or more discreet. Maybe for years, you’ve been watching as one, two and now three teeth have slowly started to shift in your mouth. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to get invisible braces in Clapham, but you’ve had many unanswered questions. Well below are three good reasons on why you should consider getting invisible braces.

  1. Discretion will be your new best friend

If you’ve seen the more traditional braces, perhaps one of the questions on your mind is, how can braces be invisible? And maybe you have some doubts and want to know if your invisible braces in Clapham will actually be discreet?

To answer the first question; you’ll often find that there is more than one kind of invisible brace option. For example, at some dental centres, they offer international brands like Invisalign and Damon. Invisalign is a good option if you want removable aligners that have been created to shape to your teeth, and slowly shift your teeth into the correct place over a period of time. These aligners fit so closely to your teeth that often you can’t see the device. This discreet option is made of clear yet durable plastic, that as mentioned has been created to be unique to you and your teeth.

Another option is to have the fixed invisible braces that are attached to your teeth but at the back, also known as lingual braces They use customised brackets and archwires moving teeth in a similar way to traditional braces. Being behind the teeth they are virtually unnoticeable to the casual observer.

  1. Cleaning your teeth is easy when you have invisible braces

When your invisible braces are fitted, it’s quite easy to clean your teeth and your braces. With any kind of invisible brace, you will brush, floss and gargle but with a more gentle approach. If you have the removable aligners, then you’ll pop them back into your mouth after cleaning your teeth. While wearing fixed braces, this means that the process of cleaning your teeth is slightly different. You will rinse your mouth out first to get rid of any loose remains. Then you will need to brush your teeth and braces with a softer toothbrush.

It’s also worthwhile to check with your dentist about the kinds of foods and drinks you can have while wearing your invisible braces, and how to clean them if they are more prone to staining.

  1. Dental work will improve your smile and overall appearance

Imagine not being ashamed of your teeth? Imagine not having to hide your laugh behind your hand? Imagine feeling free to talk, eat, laugh and live as freely as you like because your teeth finally look the way you always hoped they would? You can do all of this by getting invisible braces.

Gaps in your mouth, overlapping teeth or shifting teeth can alter your appearance and affect your confidence. But by deciding to focus on your teeth, you can alter your overall appearance and boost your confidence in the process.

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