Why the Invisalign teen range is ideal for your child

Invisalign and patient's hand hovering

Every parent wants to make sure that their child gets braces that they are happy with. Traditional braces can stand out and often cause your child to feel self-conscious, even though they should not be. Getting food caught in these appliances can be problematic, as can making sure that they stay clean and free from a build-up of plaque. This can cause damage to be done to your child’s teeth when their appliance is removed.

Getting your child Invisalign in Kings Hill can prevent you from needing to worry about all of these things. The aligners are barely noticeable to others as they are made from a thin, clear plastic and ft comfortably over the top of your child’s teeth. They are easily removable and can straighten a majority of crooked teeth in up to twelve months.

A treatment with clear and simple instructions

It is important that your child understands how their treatment works, and thankfully this treatment is incredibly simple. Your child will be given a series of sets of aligners to wear. Each set must be worn in order and for around two weeks at a time each. You will be expected to make sure that your child changes their aligners at the right times.

The aligners themselves must be worn for at least twenty-two hours of the day. You must ensure that they are wearing their aligners for the correct amount of time otherwise their treatment may not work as desired and it may take longer for their teeth to move into their new positions. In some cases where aligners are not worn properly treatment will need to be completely restarted. The teen range of these aligners comes with a helpful blue indicator strip, This will aid you when it comes to finding out if your child is wearing their appliance correctly, as the blue strip will wear away as the aligners are worn more.

A treatment that does not stand in the way of life

One of the most beneficial things about your child opting for this treatment is the fact that their lifestyle will remain completely uninterrupted. Small things, like being able to continue to play their musical instrument after they have started teeth straightening treatment, can maintain their overall happiness throughout treatment. Other options are less convenient and can sometimes get in the way of hobbies such as playing musical instruments or playing sports that require mouthguards. The fact that this appliance is removable means your child can easily put it in and take it out as required when at school, without having to worry about missing out on their favourite activities.

The removable nature of the appliance helps your child when it comes to cleaning teeth and eating too. They can eat with confidence with their friends at school without worrying about getting food stuck in their braces, and they can clean their teeth without having to work around a fixed appliance. Sometimes plaque can build-up around fixed braces, especially in younger patients where they are less vigilant when it comes to teeth cleaning. Having a removable appliance makes it easier for them to continue to clean their teeth efficiently whilst going through their treatment.


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