You Don’t Need to Feel Self-Conscious With Braces

Young girl smiling with braces

Lots of people are worried when they are told that they need braces, and many people avoid treatment because they think that having braces will make them feel insecure and worry about what other people will think. Luckily there are several treatments that are available ensuring you can straighten your teeth effectively and discreetly. If you have been looking for a subtle way to improve the straightness of your teeth, then having clear braces in Harley Street could be the ideal treatment for you.

The same for all types of straightening treatments, the first step you will need to take is to book a consultation appointment with your dental professional. They will be able to assess the condition of your teeth and inform you if you require any additional types of treatment, before you undergo your straightening treatment. Sometimes you will need to wear an appliance to align your jaw properly, and if you suffer from overcrowding you may need to have a couple of teeth removed before the straightening treatment can begin.

Treatments that are barely noticeable

Unlike the traditional metal braces you can have, clear appliances offer you a decidedly more subtle option and have clear, plastic brackets that attach to the surface of tooth instead of metal ones or coloured bands. You can also speak to your dental practitioner about getting clear or tooth coloured wire to connect the brackets, making these braces even more discreet.

Whether you have overlapping teeth or gaps in between them, these problems can be easily rectified with this appliance. How long your treatment will take will depend upon the severity of your situation. It can be anything from around eighteen months to two years, but your dental practitioner will be able to confirm this with you at your appointment.


Invisalign aligners work exactly the same as a traditional brace and will help you achieve a straight, even smile. They are completely clear and fit tightly but comfortably over your teeth, so they are barely noticeable to other people. Your dental practitioner will provide you with several sets of aligners that have been custom-made for you. Each set will need to be worn for around two weeks, gradually moving your teeth into their new positions.

The aligners are easily removable, so you can brush your teeth as normal, but they need to be worn for a minimum of twenty-two hours a day to ensure that the treatment works correctly. You are able to take your aligners out when you are eating as well, which adds to the convenience of the brace as you do not need to worry about food getting caught in it.

Once your Invisalign treatment is completed and your teeth are perfectly straight, you will be issued with a retainer to maintain your teeth’s new positions. This must be worn for a minimum of six months, but some people can end up needing to wear a retainer at night for the rest of their life. This is something that your dental practitioner will discuss with you.

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